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MyndMonsters: Modern-Day Talismans

MyndMonsters are based on the artwork I created to exercise my own personal demons. I found having a physical representation of “invisible” fears helped me to focus my energy and center myself.

MyndMonsters are available for specific issues such as fear of flying and smoking addiction. Currently, there are several specific categories. If you have a specific issue you’d like to address, I can select a Myndmonster for you or I can customize one.

To purchase a Myndmonster, please go to my Etsy store.



It’s important to note that MyndMonsters are not a substitute for professional healthcare and counseling. If you’re suffering, please seek help from a licensed mental healthcare provider. 


Hand crafted

Each MyndMonster is hand sculpted from clay and imbued with positive, healing energy. After sculpting, it is sanded, fired, painted, and fired again for durability. 

MyndMonsters aren't indestructible...nor should they be. The chipping and breaking that occurs can represent the erosion of the attached fear or addiction. How awesome is that!?!



Each MyndMonster is created to be worn or keep close at hand. Attach your Myndmonster to your favorite footwear, purse, or backpack. Wear it as a necklace or bracelet.  Hang it from your keychain. However you use it, it’s important to keep it with you; ready for whenever the need strikes.



“My MyndMonster helped me in two ways. One to help focus my nervous energy and get it out of me instantly. And secondly, it made me aware of just how anxious I was feeling so I could talk to a professional and obtain other tools to start managing my anxiety better.”

Katie, Wichita Falls, TX