Myndmonster Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from MyndMonster customers. To purchase a Myndmonster, please go to my Etsy store.


We were having a really rough time with our six-year-old son Tim. He was incredibly afraid of the dark and like most children the potential monster that lives in the closet. It was keeping us up often at night with him trying to come and sleep with us. We Met Riddle at his art studio when he was still living in Dublin, Ohio. He explained to us about how the MyndMonsters work and we decided for the price it was worth trying.

We put a little leather cord on it and gave it to Tim telling him that his MyndMonster was to protect him and that this monster was just as real and scary as the one he thought was hiding in the dark. Almost instantly he was able to negotiate his fears of the dark. Now we were getting the sleep we really needed. Thank you for MyndMonsters!

Betsy, Columbus, Ohio.


I had smoked for over 20 years. And like most hardcore smokers, I made many attempts over the years to stop. But the reality of how dangerous it was for my health was never stronger then the nicotine addiction itself. My daughter bought me a MyndMonster when I told her I wanted to try quitting again. I’d like the Smoking Addiction MyndMonster because it was a real punch in the face: a skull with a cigarette hanging out of its mouth. You smoke equals you die. I put it on an old silver chain and wore it under my shirt. And when I started to get the urge to smoke, I would rub it like a worry stone and use it for extra strength in managing my nervousness. It helped more than I could imagine. And I’ve been smoke-free now for a year and a half.

Bob, Burbank , CA


I am a 33-year-old male who always had trouble with weight. Mainly because I’m attracted unhealthy food and am a compulsive eater. I noticed finally that I wasn’t even aware of how much I was eating and how I used food to comfort me. It’s become so normal that it was practically subconscious. I tried a lot of diets, which felt more like torture than trying to get healthy!  LOL. Then a friend bought me a MyndMonster. My friend also struggles with weight and had bought one for herself. Hers was an overeating MyndMonster with a little pig nose on it. At first I was a little offended but once I understood the message, I chilled out.

Now every time I look at my little piggy MyndMonster. I see the side of myself that takes over and affects my life and health in a negative way. The MyndMonster helped me to become aware of how present during the day my addiction is with me, and how often it’s in control of my behavior. Once I could see that little piggy in front of me, I could start confronting my impulses in making healthier choices.

Ben, Portland, Oregon