I am orchestrating a unique project that I hope to donate to the museum upon completion, and will outline for you in this correspondence.

The project entails the creation of hundreds of porcelain butterflies, each handmade, which can then be suspended from a ceiling or other framework.

The project is an ambitious environmental installation, concerning the possible extinction of the butterfly. The plan is to launch a Kick-Starter campaign and have the people fund the creation of this project. My goal is to have it permanently displayed.

This is an exciting concept for several reasons. First, it will be art from the people, for the people and then given back to the people in a place that they and future generations will be able to appreciate it.

I believe this is an idea that is truly “tribal” and know of no other pieces in museums bringing awareness to the devastation the loss of the butterflies would cause.

Second, the exhibit is contemporary in its message but traditional in its design - environmental without confrontation. The power of the butterfly’s beauty and the idea of its possible disappearance from our planet is enough to captivate and emotionally jar the viewer.

I have my tribe’s endorsement in this project and am also in the process of collecting enforcement letters from various tribal, science, and environmental groups. Attached is the letter to my tribe with the outline of my project, a sketch of the project and several porcelain butterfly photos.